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Grandparents' rights and the opioid epidemic

As the nation deals with a drug problem that is becoming a health epidemic, Wisconsin grandparents are oftentimes being left to pick up the pieces. As the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports, 2015 saw more than 52,000 deaths nationwide as a result of accidental drug overdoses. Experts believe that opioid overdoses kill 80 people each day.

The pitfalls of a joint mortgage in a divorce

Have you and your spouse decided to get a divorce? If so, you are not alone as many other Wisconsin couples face this very tough choice every day. However, the fact remains that getting a divorce can feel lonely as you have to let go of many things. Your home may well be one of the things you leave in a divorce. But, you should take caution to make sure that you address not only what to do with your house but with your mortgage as well.

How is child custody awarded?

Divorcing parents in Wisconsin have a lot at stake. Because of this, you may have many questions about how child custody is determined. At the Mayer Law Office, LLC, we provide as many details as possible regarding how child custody is awarded by the courts and what they look at while making their decisions.

Common mistakes to avoid in a high asset divorce

Couples with a high net worth in Wisconsin will likely have a few extra hurdles to jump over than counterparts in different net worth brackets may have. Because of this, it's important for these couples to understand the mistakes specific to their own bracket so they can avoid costly blunders.

Limiting the effects a divorce can have on your children

The impact a divorce will have on the well-being of a child could depend on how the parents handle the process. Perhaps you and your spouse attempted to stay together for the sake of your kids, but ultimately decided it was in the best interest of everyone that the two of you part ways. Although divorce may lead to a healthier situation in the long run, you might have some concerns about how the current situation will affect the young ones.

How apps can help you co-parent

Are you a recently divorced parent in Wisconsin? Whether you have one child or mutliple children, you are no doubt learning that parenting with a former spouse is an art unto itself. While you are no longer married and do not have to deal with the stresses of interfacing with your ex on a moment-by-moment basis, you can never fully divorce yourself from them so long as you need to raise your children together. 

Will a protection order hurt your future?

In Wisconsin, there are both protection and restraining orders. They are designed to protect abuse victims from their abusers, but they can also be misused by people who just want an edge when it comes to child custody or other divorce matters. If you have been facing untrue accusations and have been the subject of a restraining order, Mayer Law Office, LLC., will provide you with all the reasons you need to fight back against it.

Divorcing? Might not want to count your assets before they hatch

The end of a marriage can be an extremely stressful and intimidating period in life. Perhaps you and your spouse have decided to take separate paths moving forward. While you are likely experiencing some emotional challenges following the decision, these wounds may heal with time. The financial ramifications of divorce, however, could have a significant long-term impact on your future.

What's the difference between visitation rights and custody?

As a recently divorced parent in Wisconsin, you already have a lot on your plate. Add child custody to the mix and you can easily find yourself in a tricky, messy, or overall unpleasant situation. We at Mayer Law Office, LLC, will help guide you through this difficult period of ironing out schedules and giving explanations to your child post-divorce.

Should I keep a joint mortgage after a divorce?

Are you and your spouse planning to get a divorce in Wisconsin? Do you own a home together and have a current and active joint mortgage on your house? If so, you will need to navigate your options about how to handle not just the house but also the mortgage. Property division settlements are as much about debts as they are about liabilities and mortgages are often one of a couple's biggest debts to address when getting divorced.

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