Your Voice In Life’s Uncertain Times

When your family is going through a transition, or your individual freedom is at risk, our attorneys can make sense of the complex legal process ahead. We will listen to you, work with you and make sure your voice is heard.

Your Questions Answered By Experienced West Bend Attorneys

What are my rights? Will I get to see my family? How can I make sure I get a good result for myself and my loved ones?

If you find yourself in the legal system, you will likely have many questions. Information is key to getting the right result. Make sure you work with an attorney who can explain your rights and educate you about the options you have throughout the process. That is what we offer at Mayer Law Office, LLC, in West Bend, Wisconsin. We are here for you.

Solving Legal Matters For Over 25 Years

We help individuals who are facing criminal charges or family law issues with aggressive and personalized representation. Our reputation for excellence was built on the belief that good work makes a difference. We have earned accolades within the legal community but what matters most to us is the people we have helped.

Our attorneys are committed to providing clients with comprehensive and effective legal service. With more than 25 years of experience, they know how to effectively help individuals work through the system to achieve their desired results.

Helping You Understand The Big Picture So You Can Take Action

You will not be kept in the dark throughout your case. We take the time to educate our clients and help them weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the legal options available. We will give you a straightforward understanding of what is likely to happen — an assessment we can make based on our extensive experience in the local and statewide court system.

Even if the legal battle ahead seems impossible to overcome, there is hope. An experienced lawyer can help find a way forward. Contact our office online or call 888-707-0085 to schedule your free initial consultation.


What Our Clients Say

“I have needed the services of an attorney three separate times in the past two years. The first two were for issues surrounding my divorce, and the attorneys were from two different firms. When I needed an attorney again, I called and met with Becky…”