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What is the walk and turn test?

If you have recently been charged with a drunk driving offense in Wisconsin, you might be feeling like you have no rights or do not know how to protect your rights. The fact is that you always have the right to defend yourself against criminal charges. Understanding the process and tests involved in your investigation and subsequent arrest is important as sometimes there may be issues with some of the evidence used to support your arrest.

Are you facing prescription abuse charges?

Wisconsin residents may not be aware of this, but allegations of prescription abuse will fall under the umbrella of drug-related crimes right alongside illegal drugs. This means you could be facing some hefty penalties if convicted. Mayer Law Office, LLC, is here to help you fight your charges.

Can you get a job after being convicted of a misdemeanor?

When you are convicted of a misdemeanor in Wisconsin, you may not consider how this will affect your job. It sometimes may be more difficult to gain employment, though, and it is important that you know what you can do to ensure your misdemeanor does not keep you from finding work.

Kids might not realize the severity of an allergy prank

It is not uncommon for children across the country to suffer from potentially life-threatening food allergies. Peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, gluten and honey are just a few of the many allergens that can cause such reactions as hives, breathing difficulties or anaphylactic shock. Also common in Wisconsin schools is bullying. Children may participate in pranks or other activities without meaning any real harm and without realizing that their actions could result in serious charges.

“Swatting” is a serious offense, not merely a prank

In the online world, it can be easy to forget that real people are involved. There are some who enjoy provoking others into arguments in the comments sections of news sites or social media. Others might stalk, bully or harass people on their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram feeds. While it might seem harmless, there are some Internet behaviors that cross the line and can result in criminal charges. It is important for Wisconsin residents to understand what is not permissible online, before they are accused of a crime.

What you need to know about plea bargains

Wisconsin residents charged with a crime may be encouraged by their family, friends or attorney to enter into a plea bargain with the prosecutor for the purpose of reducing the crime with which they are charged and/or minimizing the length of time they will spend in jail or prison upon conviction. FindLaw explains that while there may be many benefits inherent in a plea bargain, defendants should know exactly what they are agreeing to do or not to do in any plea bargain. In addition, they should thoroughly understand the consequences they will face as a result of the plea bargain.

What is domestic violence in Wisconsin?

If you are a Wisconsin resident who is or has been the victim of domestic violence, you probably are wondering what you can do to prevent future abuse. As explained by FindLaw, even though Wisconsin has no specific law against domestic violence, it does have other laws that can be and often are applied to a domestic violence situation.

Must I allow a law enforcement officer to search my car?

You may have had the experience while driving in Wisconsin of being pulled over by a law enforcement officer for speeding or some other traffic offense. As part of that traffic stop, the officer may have asked to search your car and you assumed that you had no choice but to consent.

What are some consequences I could face for drinking in college?

Your first year at a university is probably one of the most exciting times of your life. Instead of having to obey the rules of your teachers and parents, you are now an adult, and you are on your own. During this milestone year, you might be looking forward to making new friends, attending parties and going to sports events, in addition to studying for your career. However, you and other college students in Wisconsin also need to understand the risks of college drinking.

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