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Using an ignition interlock device

People who are arrested for and charged with a suspected operating while intoxicated offense in Wisconsin will want to educate themselves about the potential penalties associated with this type of charge. Every state has its own set of consequences so a person cannot assume that what happened to their friend or relative in another state might happen to them. In Wisconsin, some drivers who are convicted of OWI offenses must use ignition interlock devices for a while.

UW-Madison's disciplinary action raises questions of due process

When a university student is the target of investigation for alleged wrongdoing by law enforcement as well as university authorities, handling the allegations of misconduct independently of the criminal justice process is a standard practice at many universities across the country, including the University of Wisconsin-Madison. However, a student-athlete arraigned last week on two counts of sexual assault and facing possible expulsion over the alleged incident is suing the university on the grounds that continuing disciplinary action while he challenges criminal charges stemming from the alleged incident is a violation of his right to due process. 

Finding a job after an arrest

It is not uncommon for people in Wisconsin to have found themselves in situations where they are placed under arrest. Even if a person is not ultimately convicted of a crime, the experience can be trying and leave someone concerned about their future. One consideration for people is how they will get a job if they have an arrest on their record and especially if they have a conviction on their record.

Wisconsin’s collateral consequences for criminal convictions

Anytime you receive a conviction for a criminal offense in Wisconsin, you face penalties, and while some possible penalties, such as jail time, fines or community service, may come directly from the court system, others are more civil in nature. Known as “collateral consequences,” these potential other repercussions you may face after a criminal conviction can still have a considerable impact on your life. At Mayer Law Office, LLC, we are well-versed in the collateral consequences that exist in Wisconsin, and we have helped many people facing criminal charges work to lessen their impact.

What is the one-leg stand test?

If you or someone you know has been arrested for suspected driving under the influence in Wisconsin, you will want to learn about the different elements of the arrest process and options for a defense. Prior to being arrested for drunk driving, a person is generally asked to perform certain actions at the location where an officer first stopped them. One of these tests is called the one-leg stand test.

The impact of felonies versus misdemeanors

In Wisconsin, the charges that a person faces can generally be divided into two categories. On one side are felonies, and on the other are misdemeanors. Though other categories exist, these are the two a person is most likely to come across. Each can have a vastly different impact, as well.

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