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West Bend Assault And Battery Lawyer

Battery Sexual Assault

In many situations, the unofficial punishments for assault and battery are as bad as the punishments handed down by the legal system. The stigma that comes with sexual assault charges or with having your name on the registry is more than what most people want to deal with. Unfortunately, if you are facing charges for battery or sexual assault, you could be subjected to fines, jail time, unwanted media attention and a place on the sex offenders registry.

Protecting Your Reputation And Record After Assault Charges

If those are the prospects you are facing, it is important to work with a West Bend assault and battery attorney who can protect your rights. Mayer Law Office, LLC, has more than 20 years of experience defending clients against charges, including:

  • Battery
  • Substantial battery
  • Sexual assault
  • Statutory rape

Defending Washington County Sexual Assault Charges

When the media catches hold of a story regarding sexual crimes, the news can spread like wildfire. Although there is no stopping the press, keeping your record clean can help protect your name in the future. Attorneys William Mayer and Catherine Terry understand how frightening and upsetting it is to be the center of negative attention, and they work closely with their clients to help them combat the situation. Having counseled other individuals through the situation, they know what damage control strategies are most effective.

Whether you are facing charges for allegedly assaulting a victim or are being accused of statutory rape with a consensual partner, it is important to work with someone who is familiar navigating the legal system. Protect your rights by scheduling a free initial consultation with an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Mayer Law Office, LLC, can be reached online or by calling 888-707-0085.