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Arguments over specific property during divorce

Wisconsin readers know that property division is one of the most emotional and difficult issues to work through in a divorce. People are rightfully concerned over what is going to happen to their stuff, and you may have this concern as well. Disputes can be stressful and lengthen the divorce process, so it may be beneficial for you to seek an understanding of your rights to specific property.

Can you successfully fight DWI charges in Wisconsin?

Not every person facing DWI or OWI charges in Wisconsin is guilty. In fact, there are many issues that can negatively impact a traffic stop, prompting a police officer to place you or another motorist under arrest on DWI suspicion, even if you or the other driver never consumed a drop of alcohol or any type of drug. It happens all the time, and the key to avoiding conviction in such circumstances often lies in how much you know about your rights and the arrest process ahead of time.

A lump sum spousal support payment may be in your best interest

Going through divorce can be difficult both emotionally and financially. However, the financial aspect of divorce can be especially tough for the spouse who earned less during the marriage, as transitioning to independent financial living can be intimidating and challenging depending on your circumstances.

Divorcing? Don't forget about your ex's Bitcoin

Divorce is one of the most emotionally turbulent periods in life. While high-running emotions are certainly understandable during a divorce, some people allow these feelings to overrun them. Having an angry, emotional ex can complicate proceedings, dragging everything out longer than might have otherwise been necessary.

4 tips for preparing for divorce

The time has come to end your marriage. Now, you may find yourself having dozens of thoughts running through your mind on an endless loop. You may question how your relationship got to this point, what will happen to the kids, how will you handle your finances and numerous other aspects of your life that now seem uncertain. Though you may want to dwell on these uncertainties, it may do you more good to remain proactive.

Millennials put their stamp on divorce

As the younger generation matures, they are facing the same types of problems as generations before them. Relationships, marriage, family and divorce -- younger families experience the same facts of life, although they tend to imprint their own generational approach to common problems.

A calm head may protect your wallet during a divorce

Divorce is a time of high emotion. There are frequently hurt feelings, anger and frustration. It is not uncommon for people to behave differently from normal when these emotions are in play, but during a divorce, acting without carefully considering your motives can have costly consequences.

Getting behind the wheel? Steer clear of DWI with these tips

Who doesn't enjoy getting together with friends for a little football, food and fun over the weekend? After a long, hard week at work, you may be just like many other Wisconsin residents who start looking forward to the next Packers' game as soon as your feet hit the floor on Monday morning. If you're part of the tailgating scene, you may even shop for ingredients ahead of time to make the snacks and drinks you'll be serving at the next game. 

Property division: How will we split up everything we own?

If you are contemplating the dissolution of a marriage, you likely have an idea of what you can expect from this process. After all, you have probably watched divorce play out on television or in movies, or you may have family members or friends who have already gone through it.

Keeping retirement plans on track with guidance during divorce

No matter the age of the couple involved, the end of a marriage can often be a stressful and daunting experience. However, if you are closing in on the age of retirement, you may have additional concerns about how the outcome of a divorce might impact your current plans for the road ahead.

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