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The rules for obtaining extra benefits in a divorce

It isn't uncommon for older Wisconsin residents to depend on Social Security benefits to cover most of their expenses in retirement. However, it is important to note that those benefit checks will only replace about 40% of the income that a person made during his or her working years. Those who have recently gotten divorced could be entitled to benefits based on a former spouse's work record.

Parental alienation and its impact on child custody in Wisconsin

In the 1980s, one child psychologist's work asserted that mothers falsely claiming abuse in divorce court resulted in fathers being denied a relationship with the children. According to his theory, this was due to the mother's vengeance. While parental alienation syndrome is not supported by science, family courts often recognize it and use it to determine custody cases.

How to successfully co-parent after a divorce

Whether a Wisconsin couple spent 20 years together or just one, going through a divorce can be difficult. A divorcing parent should take time to process their pain and talk with their children about their feelings regarding the situation. There are a few co-parenting strategies that can help exes navigate the new world of parenting after a divorce.

Splitting an IRA can be complicated

The divorce rate for individuals 50 and older has gone up in recent decades even as divorce rates overall have dropped. While any adult can have an IRA, older individuals in Wisconsin and throughout the country are more likely to have them. Therefore, it is important to understand that an IRA can be split in a divorce and that there is a process that needs to be followed to do so. That process may be more complicated if a person is taking 72(t) distributions.

Tracking a child's schedule and expenses using an old calendar

When parents in Wisconsin get a divorce, they need to come up with a good estimate of child-related expenses. This can be important in determining child support obligations. Unfortunately, people often forget about many of these expenses, particularly when trying to recollect their children's schedules and other information during the stress of a divorce.

Research identifies hidden benefits of no-fault divorce

Married people in Wisconsin may take advantage of no-fault divorce laws, which grant either spouse the ability to end a marriage. Although divorce typically represents a challenging time in people's lives, a data researcher at the U.S. Census Bureau has brought attention to a study that identified a link between access to divorce and positive societal benefits. In 2004, the country of Chile legalized divorce and created a chance for researchers to study the results of the law change.

How engaged couples can benefit from discussing prenups

Finances may be the last thing that Wisconsin couples want to discuss after getting engaged. However, discussing financial matters will ensure that they are on the same page if issues arise during their marriage or in case of a divorce. A prenuptial agreement will protect both parties and save them a lot of frustration and expense.

Some post-divorce issues impact women more than men

Many Wisconsin couples begin marriage with the concept that it's a 50-50 proposition. Most soon learn the give and take and perhaps seeming inequity in living together. Those who decide they would be better off apart and seek a divorce look to the laws of the state and the family court system for a level playing field to divide the marital property equally and begin their new lives fairly. Although the courts do what they can, women often face greater financial challenges post-divorce than men do.

How a prenup can help people plan for the future

Over the years, many people in Wisconsin have pushed aside the notion of a prenuptial agreement. They may think that prenups are solely a matter for extremely wealthy people or celebrities, or they consider that it is bad luck to plan for a divorce before a marriage. However, while marriage is a romantic affair, it is also a complex legal and financial process. By marrying, people establish a set of legal obligations and rights to one another, and their marital property will be divided in case of a divorce. With many more people choosing to marry after they have already established careers, bought real estate or developed their investments, prenups are becoming a viable solution for a larger number of people.

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