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Protecting Your Record After A Criminal Arrest

If you were arrested, you are probably worried about the consequences you may be facing. Depending on the charges, you could be facing anything from a fine to jail or prison time. An experienced lawyer can work to minimize those consequences and the charges you are facing.

Experienced And Aggressive Wisconsin Lawyers Can Help

At Mayer Law Office, LLC, experienced West Bend criminal defense lawyers work closely with clients to effectively resolve matters related to:

  • OWI/DWI (operating while intoxicated/driving while intoxicated): The firm works with clients who were arrested for drunk driving. The lawyers work with each client to protect their driver’s license and driving privileges.
  • Drug charges: If you are facing charges for the possession, sale or trafficking of drugs, our attorneys can help. They defend individuals who are facing charges for drug crimes involving marijuana, heroin, crack cocaine and prescription drugs such as OxyContin.
  • Violent crimes and sexual assault: For many people, the stigma that is associated with sexual assault charges is worse than most official legal punishments. Mayer Law Office, LLC, defends individuals who are facing charges for misdemeanor and felony battery, including sexual assault crimes and acts of domestic violence.
  • Other misdemeanors and felonies: Our attorneys work with clients to avoid criminal convictions after any misdemeanor or felony arrest. The firm has represented clients facing charges for criminal damage to property, disorderly conduct, theft, domestic violence and juvenile matters.
  • Appeals: If you think the judge made a mistake in your case, we can help you mount an appeal of the verdict or your sentence.
  • Probation/extended supervision revocation: If your probation or extended supervision has been suspended for a material or technical violation, our attorneys will represent you before the judge with a goal of keeping you out of jail.

Protect Your Rights Under Wisconsin Criminal Law

Although the punishment for a crime may not be determined immediately, it is important to do everything you can to protect your rights. Contacting an experienced criminal defense lawyer quickly after the arrest gives them time to best prepare your defense. Contact Mayer Law Office, LLC, online or call 888-707-0085 to schedule your free initial consultation.