Your Voice In Life's Uncertain Times


I have needed the services of an attorney three separate times in the past two years. The first two were for issues surrounding my divorce, and the attorneys were from two different firms. When I needed an attorney again, I called and met with Becky. I knew right away that I was going to retain her. She understood my case, but more importantly, she understood me. She knew that I was facing trumped up charges and was anxious to get going on my case. Without going into details, I was brought into the police station on what started as serious charges. By the time Becky was done, the DA dismissed any criminal action and we settled for a civil citation. The part I liked best was the fact that Becky knew that we could push this farther, take it to a jury, and get the whole thing thrown out. I appreciated that very much, but I don’t split 10’s. A win is a win! Thanks Becky, you were amazing!
– Glen B.

When working with Mayer Law Office, every time was very good. Attorney Mayer, himself, has helped me personally on a legal issue when I was in the Army and stationed at Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah, GA. He has been a friend to me and to my family for a long time, helping all of us in difficult times. My experiences while going through all my OWI convictions were personally difficult and challenging but the Mayer Law Office attorneys that worked my cases from start to finish were very professional and thoughtful. They made sure I was up to date on everything, at every process, every Court date, I knew what would happen. If I had questions, they had answers. When I called, they were there to talk and they always called me back. I never felt alone while going through my convictions. They are very friendly, kind, courteous, and I was on a first name basis with them. The Mayer Law Office team always followed up with me to see how things were going. I would recommend them and have to others already.
– Ethan G.

I was recently involved in a situation where I needed help from a lawyer. You never anticipate needing this kind of help, so I was a little nervous. Everyone in the office was extremely kind, compassionate, and gave me the best advice possible. Mayer Law Office, specifically, Becky Van Dam worked very hard to ensure I would have the best possible outcome in my case. I felt as though she really cared about me and Becky fought to achieve the result that I wanted. She was honest and caring, which helped me feel very comfortable. I would strongly recommend Mayer Law Office to anyone in need of an attorney.
– Kristen L.

We had our first personal experience with the criminal justice system when our son was arrested in October of 2014. My spouse had known Attorney Mayer professionally and contacted him to represent our son. We all consider this the right decision. From our first to our last contact, a year later, Attorney Mayer treated us with respect and dignity. He educated our family on the process we would go through, he gave our son excellent recommendations, and painted a realistic picture of the outcome we could expect. Without a doubt, this is an experience we would have rather avoided, but that was not possible, and Attorney Mayer made it manageable. His realistic and educational dealings with our son, his honest and straightforward manner will always be appreciated. Bill saw our son as needed, billed fairly and responsibly, addressed all of our questions and we believe, gave our son the best possible representation. He saw to it that a fair outcome was achieved. We are comfortable recommending Bill as an attorney. He is professional, well versed, efficient, honest, and most important, humane in his treatment of clients and their families.
– Mary K

We are so thankful that Mr. Mayer accepted our son’s case. Mr. Mayer is not only extremely knowledgeable, but he is also very caring. We followed his advice and trusted him, and we are very pleased with the outcome. Due to my own personal childhood, the entire legal process was especially hard for me to go through personally. Mr. Mayer understood and took time to answer all of our questions and he counseled me, which helped me make it through a very difficult situation. Mr. Mayer is an exceptional attorney and we are so thankful to have someone like him to help with our son’s case.
– Brenda P.

I had to go through some tough times and contacted Attorney Terry from a list of attorneys I received from the courthouse. We met, and I could tell this was going to be a good fit for me. Everything Attorney Terry and her assistant Miles did and guided me on, I could tell I was not a number. I will contact them in the future as needed. It really feels good to have a working relationship at a tough time. I have already given out the contact information of the firm. I do consider them my friends.
– Anthony L.

I can only say good things about Mayer Law Office. William first came to see me on a Sunday, if you can believe it. My old attorney not only was incompetent, but disappeared on me. William is capable, knowledgeable, and has good knowledge of Mendota Mental Health Institute. Mayer Law Office worked well with Dr. Rawski, my evaluator, and the doctors at Mendota. William’s assistant Miles is very helpful and knowledgeable, as well as persistent. The firm has an excellent secretary named Judy, she is consistently helpful.
– David K.

I retained the services of Mayer Law Office for assistance with my sex offense case. Attorney Mayer proved to be very well versed and knowledgeable in all aspects of sex related crimes including supervision and treatment. Attorney Mayer worked diligently on my behalf to overturn a probation revocation action against me and to successfully procure a sex offender assessment specialist who, with Attorney Mayer’s outstanding closing arguments, was able to effectively reduce my sentence time during sentencing after revocation proceedings. Mayer Law Office provides quality, expert legal representation that is personable and affordable. I highly recommend their services to anyone.
– Daniel M.