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Defense Attorneys For Restraining Orders

Whether you are a victim of abuse or you have been accused of abuse, navigating the court process for obtaining or defending a civil protection order can be complex. A skilled and compassionate attorney is key to a successful outcome.

The Mayer Law Office, LLC, represents residents in West Bend, Wisconsin, and the surrounding communities who are seeking restraining or protection orders against another person. We also defend people who are subject to restraining orders. For a free initial consultation, call 888-707-0085 to talk to a lawyer today.

Representing Victims Of Abuse

In Wisconsin, you can obtain a temporary protection order from a spouse or any other person in cases of unwanted physical contact, abuse, sexual assault, stalking, harassment or threats. The temporary order can bar the person from contacting you, harassing you, coming within 500 feet of your home or place of work, and engaging in other threatening behavior.

After issuing the temporary order, the judge will schedule a hearing within two weeks to determine if the order should be lifted or remain in effect. The other person will have a chance to defend himself or herself at this hearing.

In Wisconsin, courts can grant a protection order for up to two years in the case of child abuse. For domestic violence or harassment, the order may last for up to four years.

Defending Protection Orders

If you are subject to a restraining order it’s important to seek legal advice as soon as possible There are many things you could do that will make your case worse, not better. For example, if you attempt to contact the alleged victim, you could be jailed and charged with a crime.

The consequences of having a final protection order against you are many:

  • You would have the stigma of being subject to a restraining order on your record.
  • You could lose your job.
  • You could be forced to move out of your home or apartment.
  • You could be barred from owning guns or ammunition.

In some cases, protection or restraining orders are the result of a domestic conflict that got out of hand. Sometimes they are used as a weapon by the accuser to get the upper hand in a divorce or child custody dispute.

For More Information About Protection Orders

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