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Dedicated Help For Criminal Appeals

Wisconsin’s criminal appeals system is here to give you a second chance to protect your freedom and your reputation if the judge made a mistake in your case. You have a limited amount of time to file for an appeal, so it’s important to seek prompt legal advice as soon as possible after your verdict or sentencing.

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Did The Judge Get It Wrong?

Sometimes people are convicted of crimes not because they are guilty but because the court made a mistake. Wisconsin’s appellate courts review the decisions of lower courts and can overturn convictions or improper sentences.

Criminal appeals are different from criminal trials. For this reason, you need to be represented by an attorney who understands the appeals process. Appellate courts do not allow lawyers to retry cases or introduce new evidence. Instead, the appeal is based on the record of the first trial, including the transcripts of everything that was said and the evidence that was introduced in court.

There are several reasons why an appellate court may reverse a verdict, order a new trial or reduce a sentence. Here are a few examples:

  • The judge did not follow the law.
  • The judge misapplied the law.
  • Your lawyer did not provide you with an adequate defense.
  • The judge allowed prosecutors to introduce evidence that should not have been introduced.
  • The court violated your constitutional rights.

Building A Strong Case For Post-Conviction Relief

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