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The Social Stigma Of A Sexual Offense Conviction

For over 25 years, the criminal defense team at Mayer Law Office, LLC, in West Bend, has provided top-notch legal support and representation to those accused of sex crimes.

Our attorneys understand that while the legal ramifications of a sexual assault charge are harsh and frightening, the social stigma of these charges is often more pervasive and difficult to live with.

A Shield For Your Reputation And Future

Technology and social media can make privacy difficult if not impossible when it comes to Wisconsin statutory rape, stalking and date rape charges. At Mayer Law Office, LLC, we have the experience and skill to shield you from negative publicity and damage to your reputation.

We do this in several ways. First, we will work with you to ensure that your side of the story is heard. Second, we will do everything we can to scrutinize the evidence. We will challenge any evidence that is illegally obtained, faulty or questionable. Third, in every case, we will work to protect your future. Whenever possible we will seek to get the charges against you reduced or, if possible, dismissed. When it is in your best interest, we will negotiate to preserve your freedom.

Experienced Legal Guidance For Sex Crime Charges

Our attorneys can assist with charges relating to:

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Protect Your Rights And Your Future

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