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Women, gray divorce and money

Residents in Wisconsin who get divorced often struggle to figure out way to rebuild their lives, both emotionally and financially. It is commonly acknowledged that divorce is a major and stressful event for anyone. Some research, however, is now showing that women who get divorced while in their 50s, 60s or later may experience particularly difficult financial problems that are even worse than those experienced by their male counterparts.

Yahoo Finance reported that a study has shown the rate of divorce among people over the age of 50 has more than doubled in the last 29 years. This has happened at the same time that the overall rate of divorce across the country has dropped. The impact of ending a marriage and splitting a marital estate at this point in one's life can be far more severe than it can for someone who is in their 20s, 30s or even their 40s. 

How can I protect my money from divorce loss?

If you are like most people in Wisconsin, when you are discussing the possibility of getting married with your partner, the last thing you want to think about is a potential divorce. However, with divorce so prevalent these days, it is normal for it to come into conversation and this is actually a good thing as it can initiate important conversations. When it comes to money, many people worry about how they can prevent losses in a divorce and some believe that simply keeping separate bank accounts is the answer. 

CNBC indicates that the separate bank account, while wise in some ways, is not likely to provide the level of financial protection most people seek or expect. Wisconsin is one of a few states in the countries identified as a community property state and that means even a bank account in one person's name may be deemed a joint marital asset during a divorce. In addition, the longer a marriage lasts, the harder it really can be to prove that even money kept in an account under one spouse's name was not in some way used to benefit the couple or the family.

If a Wisconsin police officer asks you to exit you vehicle

Any number of issues might prompt a Wisconsin police officer to initiate a traffic stop. Perhaps he or she will claim that the radar gun registered your speed in excess of the posted speed limit. Then again, maybe you have a tail light out that you didn't know about when you got behind the wheel, and the officer will issue a warning and tell you to get it fixed right away.

You never know how a traffic stop will turn out. The worst might be that you get a speeding ticket. However, if the officer says, "Please exit your vehicle," it likely means there's a lot more at stake. In fact, it might mean that the officer thinks you've been illegally operating a motor vehicle under influence of alcohol. The more you know about field sobriety tests ahead of time, the better able you'll be to protect your rights if a situation like this occurs.

How do you become a guardian in Wisconsin?

You may find that a family member or loved one in Wisconsin is unable to care for himself or herself due to certain circumstances. This can occur when parents are unable to care for a minor child or an adult becomes incapacitated and is no longer able to make decisions as a result. 

You may wish to help by taking on the responsibility of becoming a guardian to the individual in need. In order to act on this charitable impulse, you must meet the requirements set forth by the state in regard to applications, deadlines and fees.

Understanding the FIrst Step Act

People in Wisconsin who have been charged with criminal offenses have long been subject to some extended sentences due to laws that enforce mandatory minimums for the amount of time to be spent in a jail or a prison. Today, some defendants will not experience the same harshness that others have. This is due to some of the provisions in the First Step Act, signed recently by the President.

As reported by Vox, the new law reduces some of the required minimum sentences for people convicted of select drug offenses. It also addresses some of the automatic sentences that have previously been applied. For example, a person who was convicted of three drug sentences might have automatically been ordered to spend life in prison. That sentence is now reduced to 25 years.

Oshkosh shooting results in arrest of 3 men

Very few in West Bend likely believe that they will ever be involved in criminal activity. Yet for outlandish as it may seem, oftentimes criminal activity can find individuals. People may find themselves in situations where they encounter others who may indeed be engaged in criminal actions, and their mere associations with such individuals are often met with criminal charges. They may have never intended to harm others, yet their "guilt by association" may leave them facing criminal scrutiny. 

Such scrutiny awaits two men due to their link to a shooting in Oshkosh. Authorities responded to a call of shots being fired at a home and arrived to find that a man had been shot multiple times. Witnesses say that a group of men fled in a vehicle immediately following the shooting. That vehicle was later found, leading to the arrest of three men. Only one, however, was charged with attempted murder (his relationship with the shooting victim was not reported). The other men were charged with actions related to the crime, such as possessing a firearm and obstructing an investigation. 

How can we tell the kids about our divorce?

When you and your spouse in Wisconsin have made the difficult decision to get divorced, you must then figure out how to share the news with others. If you have children, telling them may be one of the hardest things you feel you need to do. There are ways that you can approach these conversations that give your kids the best chance to process the information and keep lines of communication open with you.

As explained by Today's Parent, every child may have different concerns or understandings about your divorce based on their age, their personality and level of maturity. At some point, individual conversations will be important but the first time you tell your kids about the divorce, everyone should be together. This avoids a situation where one child feels the burden of keeping a big secret from their siblings if they are told first.

Is a malicious parent ruining your relationship with your kids?

As a parent, there is nothing more important to you than protecting the relationship you have with your children. After divorce, this can be difficult due to the fact that you will have to share parenting time with the other parent. You have to be intentional about pursuing a fair custody order and making the most out of the time you do have.

Even with a reasonable parenting plan and a personal commitment to protect the best interests of the children, post-divorce parenting is not easy. It can be especially difficult if the other parent is not respectful of your parental rights or does things to undermine your relationship with your kids. This may be malicious parenting, and you may have grounds to fight back.

Myths regarding domestic adoption

As an adoptive parent in Wisconsin, you have the choice to adopt domestically or internationally. Each has advantages and drawbacks, and only you can choose which will work best for your family. At Mayer Law Office, we know that you have probably heard a lot of inaccurate information regarding domestic adoption. Debunking the myths will help you to make an informed decision on the basis of facts. 

The National Infertility Association has collected a number of common and misleading myths regarding adoption and also provided the truth regarding them. 

Will your life return to normal after a DUI conviction?

Wisconsin residents like you who have been accused of driving under the influence may face serious repercussions. Readjusting to normal life afterward may actually be more difficult than you think. Today, we at Mayer Law Office, LLC., will discuss some of the potential hurdles you might face.

In some cases, your ability to drive or travel may be permanently hampered. For example, Canada does not allow anyone with a DUI conviction on their record to travel into the country. Additionally, some people end up having their licenses suspended or revoked for years. In severe cases, licenses can even be revoked for a lifetime, severely limiting your ability to get around since you must rely on rideshares, public transportation, or friends and family with cars.

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