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Are field sobriety tests really accurate?

People in Wisconsin may find it helpful to understand what may transpire during a traffic stop that turns into a potential investigation for suspected driving under the influence. There may be a few different tests that law enforcment officers ask you to participate in before they decide whether or not to place you under arrests. These are called field sobriety tests. It is important for you to know that these tests are not 100-percent accurate.

In fact, indicates that even when all three of the tests approved by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are used, the accuracy rate will be only 82 percent. Of the three tests, the one that tracks an involuntary motion of the eyeball is the most accurate on its own at 77 percent. However, things like neurological or eye conditions may interfere with the accuracy of this test.

Cell phone tracking before the Supreme Cout

As nearly every adult in Wisconsin knows, cell phones are no longer just for making calls. Smartphones have been broadly adopted, and texts, social media, and media consumption are often the main applications of phones nowadays. 

With this in mind, the level of privacy cell phone information deserves is once again before the high court. As NBC News reports, the U.S. Supreme Court has decided to hear a case hinging on whether or not law enforcement is able to access cell phone location information without first obtaining a warrant. This tracking data, which comes from calls and texts using nearby antenna towers to transmit messages over the network, has been used as a way to map the movements a person made. Used in court against various suspects, this information has been used to show that a person was nearby when crimes occurred, and those in favor say there is no expectation of privacy for this data. The court will determine if using this data without a warrant infringes on the rights of the cell phone user. The case will be heard in the fall.

How is child custody awarded?

Divorcing parents in Wisconsin have a lot at stake. Because of this, you may have many questions about how child custody is determined. At the Mayer Law Office, LLC, we provide as many details as possible regarding how child custody is awarded by the courts and what they look at while making their decisions.

Two major considerations that surface are the state of the child's potential home environment or community, and the state of their relationship with you and your ex-spouse. For community and environment, courts will often see if you're able to offer your child the chance to attend a good school, find job opportunities, grow socially, and live without fear. They may frown upon neighborhoods with high crime rates or other similar issues that may impact your child's happiness.

Common mistakes to avoid in a high asset divorce

Couples with a high net worth in Wisconsin will likely have a few extra hurdles to jump over than counterparts in different net worth brackets may have. Because of this, it's important for these couples to understand the mistakes specific to their own bracket so they can avoid costly blunders.

CNN has a list of the top ten mistakes that divorcing couples with high assets may face. It includes common critical errors like "giving too much" or "not giving enough". For example, if one spouse feels guilty about a divorce for whatever reason, they may be more inclined to give their soon-to-be-ex more than they legally should be getting. On the flip side of the coin, some spouses may begin to guard their money and finances jealously and could end up trying to hide assets or additional income so as not to share it in the split. Letting anger interfere is also a common mistake that can lead to one person forcing the other to burn through their money, forgetting that the money belongs to both of them.

Limiting the effects a divorce can have on your children

The impact a divorce will have on the well-being of a child could depend on how the parents handle the process. Perhaps you and your spouse attempted to stay together for the sake of your kids, but ultimately decided it was in the best interest of everyone that the two of you part ways. Although divorce may lead to a healthier situation in the long run, you might have some concerns about how the current situation will affect the young ones.

Children often have more difficulty understanding and accepting divorce than the parents. Chances are, you probably consider the needs of your child to be a top priority, and addressing his or her needs and feelings might help your kid get through this emotional event with less difficulty.

How apps can help you co-parent

Are you a recently divorced parent in Wisconsin? Whether you have one child or mutliple children, you are no doubt learning that parenting with a former spouse is an art unto itself. While you are no longer married and do not have to deal with the stresses of interfacing with your ex on a moment-by-moment basis, you can never fully divorce yourself from them so long as you need to raise your children together. 

The Online Mom suggests that if you are struggling to find ways to work cooperatively with your former partner, you might try looking at technology to help you. There are a multitude of apps and online sites that are designed specifically to facilitate positive co-parenting before former spouses. Because communication is a common challenge for many parents, most tools offer some type of mechanism for exchanging messages. You can also store messages to avoid any chances of forgetting who said or agreed to what.

What are the benefits of a plea bargain?

In Wisconsin, plea bargains or negotiations may be an option to look into for those who feel like the sentence or odds they currently face are against them. While there is plenty of controversy surrounding the general notion of plea bargains and whether they're good for anyone involved, you may also benefit off of them in several different ways.

The Legal Dictionary defines a plea bargain as a negotiation that takes place between you, the defendant, and the prosecutor. With a plea bargain, you stand to significantly reduce the potential punishments you may be facing. For example, you could get a lower jail sentence, lowered fines, or changes made to the charges you face. They could be reduced in severity or, in some cases, dismissed entirely.

How does the law define reckless injury?

The common thought amongst most in West Bend is likely that in order for a crime to be committed, there has to be a certain level of intent. So what happens if you injure someone when you didn’t intend to? Could you still be charged with a crime? The answer may depend on the nature of your conduct that led to another person sustaining an injury.

The penalties that you may face for injuries that you may have caused where there was potentially no intent to harm are spelled out in Section 940.23 of the Wisconsin state statutes. The law refers to this particular type of crime specifically as “reckless injury.” According to the statute, if you recklessly cause harm to another person or an unborn baby, you could be charged with a Class F felony. The category of felony is elevated to a Class D if it is determined that your actions showed an “utter disregard for human life.”

Will a protection order hurt your future?

In Wisconsin, there are both protection and restraining orders. They are designed to protect abuse victims from their abusers, but they can also be misused by people who just want an edge when it comes to child custody or other divorce matters. If you have been facing untrue accusations and have been the subject of a restraining order, Mayer Law Office, LLC., will provide you with all the reasons you need to fight back against it.

First of all, if a protection order is finalized, it will go on your record. What does this mean for you? It means that anyone who can or must see your record will see that you've had a restraining order filed against you. In extreme cases, this can actually cause you to lose your job. You may also face ridicule and discrimination solely because of this black spot on your record, even if it's otherwise clean.

Divorcing? Might not want to count your assets before they hatch

The end of a marriage can be an extremely stressful and intimidating period in life. Perhaps you and your spouse have decided to take separate paths moving forward. While you are likely experiencing some emotional challenges following the decision, these wounds may heal with time. The financial ramifications of divorce, however, could have a significant long-term impact on your future.

You probably want to protect your financial future following such a stressful life event. With the complex nature of the division of marital property, you may be unsure how to achieve this goal. Having knowledge of the distinct types of property could go a long way in preparing you for the road ahead.

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