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How to tell if you are a candidate for an amicable divorce

The end of your marriage can bring about a range of emotions. Depending on the reason, you might be feeling angry, bitter, afraid or brokenhearted. You could also feel relieved that this part of your life is almost over. Divorce can also cause a great deal of stress. At the Mayer Law Office, LLC, we know that you and other divorcing Wisconsin residents want this period to be as stress-free as possible.

4 tips for preparing for divorce

The time has come to end your marriage. Now, you may find yourself having dozens of thoughts running through your mind on an endless loop. You may question how your relationship got to this point, what will happen to the kids, how will you handle your finances and numerous other aspects of your life that now seem uncertain. Though you may want to dwell on these uncertainties, it may do you more good to remain proactive.

What is domestic violence in Wisconsin?

If you are a Wisconsin resident who is or has been the victim of domestic violence, you probably are wondering what you can do to prevent future abuse. As explained by FindLaw, even though Wisconsin has no specific law against domestic violence, it does have other laws that can be and often are applied to a domestic violence situation.

Not married? Dividing assets might be complicated

An increasing trend for couples across the country is to cohabitate without getting married. However, spending years with the same person can have the same results as if you were both married – you might have bought a house together, opened joint bank accounts and credit cards and had children. At the Mayer Law Office, LLC, we understand that long-term cohabitation can be complicated for you and other Wisconsin residents if the relationship did not last.

Must I allow a law enforcement officer to search my car?

You may have had the experience while driving in Wisconsin of being pulled over by a law enforcement officer for speeding or some other traffic offense. As part of that traffic stop, the officer may have asked to search your car and you assumed that you had no choice but to consent.

Millennials put their stamp on divorce

As the younger generation matures, they are facing the same types of problems as generations before them. Relationships, marriage, family and divorce -- younger families experience the same facts of life, although they tend to imprint their own generational approach to common problems.

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