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Wisconsin’s collateral consequences for criminal convictions

Anytime you receive a conviction for a criminal offense in Wisconsin, you face penalties, and while some possible penalties, such as jail time, fines or community service, may come directly from the court system, others are more civil in nature. Known as “collateral consequences,” these potential other repercussions you may face after a criminal conviction can still have a considerable impact on your life. At Mayer Law Office, LLC, we are well-versed in the collateral consequences that exist in Wisconsin, and we have helped many people facing criminal charges work to lessen their impact.

How can you prepare for the hurdles of gray divorce?

Just because you've been married for most of your adult life doesn't necessarily mean you want to stay in that marriage. In fact, divorce among older couples is actually growing in recent years. Mayer Law Office, LLC, is here to help you work your way through what has come to be known as gray divorce.

What to do if your ex doesn't show up for visitation

There is no one way to help your children adapt to a post-divorce lifestyle. You know your kids better than anyone and, like most good parents in Wisconsin, you always have your children's best interests in mind. However, certain issues may arise following your divorce that require your special attention to help your kids cope. 

Can getting divorced during an adoption derail the process?

Wisconsin parents go into an adoption as a couple, but somewhere during the adoption process, you may come to the conclusion that things just aren't working out. If you decide to divorce during an adoption, how will that affect the adoption itself? Will the process be derailed?

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