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January 2017 Archives

Unmarried parents: The dilemma of child custody

Separating from a romantic partner is usually more difficult if there are children involved - even if the parents are not married. If you were going through a separation from a partner in a common-law relationship, sorting out child custody and parenting or visitation issues would likely be as traumatizing as it is in most divorces. You and your soon-to-be ex-partner may follow many others in similar circumstances and negotiate your own child custody agreement. This can avoid the bitterness and emotional stress of settling these issues in a court.

Dealing with marital conflict

In Wisconsin, newlyweds and spouses who have been together for a while occasionally encounter conflict in their relationships. However, when the number of bad times outweighs the good, people who originally seemed just right for each other may find themselves questioning why they ever said “I do.” Every marriage has its problems. While some couples can overcome them together, others are not so fortunate. Anyone who is wondering if it is time for them to legally separate from their spouse should take some time to learn how to deal with marital conflict before they find themselves headed for divorce court.

What are the possible penalties for drunk driving?

If you are facing drunk driving allegations, you may be struggling with a myriad of challenges. For example, you may be worried about the impact that the accusations will have on your future in West Bend or you could be upset because you believe that your rights were violated by Wisconsin authorities. Regardless of the unique details pertaining to your situation, you should carefully examine your options and understand the severity of drunk driving charges.

Tips for a prenuptial agreement

Couples in Wisconsin who are approaching marriage may want to consider the possibility of a prenuptial agreement. Signing a prenup does not mean the couple anticipates a divorce, nor does it mean they have an unstable relationship. Rather, much like insurance, this agreement allows people to be prepared for a scenario which they hope will never happen. It may be wise to set the terms of asset division beforehand so that each partner's wishes are honored.

Parents need to educate teens on sexting risks

Sexting is a growing epidemic in West Bend. Teens communicate with each other through emails, social media and texting. As much as they like to share details regarding their adventures in everyday life, some teens share too much. According to Psychology Today, sexting is when explicit photos, pictures and videos are shared with someone else through text message. It is very common for teens to be interested in sex, but when that interest goes too far, they run the risk of running afoul of the law.

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