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Lack of family support a leading cause of divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2024 | Divorce |

A lack of family support is a common contributing factor to divorce, affecting the stability and longevity of marriages. When couples do not receive adequate support from their families, they may feel isolated and overwhelmed, leading to strain in their relationship.

Without the guidance and encouragement of family members, couples may struggle to navigate challenges and conflicts effectively. This increases the likelihood of marital discord.

Financial strain and stress

A lack of family support can exacerbate financial strain, adding stress to marriages. Couples facing financial difficulties may turn to their families for assistance or emotional support. However, if such support is unavailable, it can further strain the relationship. Financial stress can also lead to arguments and disagreements about money management, exacerbating marital problems.

Emotional distance and communication breakdowns

A lack of family support can also contribute to emotional distance and communication breakdown between spouses. When couples lack support from their families, they may withdraw from each other emotionally. This can lead to feelings of loneliness and resentment. Also, without the support of family members to facilitate communication and resolve conflicts, couples may struggle to address issues. This can lead to a breakdown in their relationship.

Impact on parenting and family dynamics

Family support plays a key role in parenting and family dynamics, and its absence can impact marital satisfaction and stability. Couples who lack support from their families may experience added stress in parenting, as they may not have access to childcare or help when needed. Strained relationships with extended family members can create tension and conflict within the marital unit. This can further contribute to marital dissatisfaction and divorce.

According to Forbes, a lack of family support is the top reason for divorce among couples married for between two and eight years. By strengthening familial bonds and fostering a supportive environment, couples can enhance the resilience of their marriages. They can also reduce the risk of divorce.



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