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Can parents pay child support once a year instead of monthly?

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In Wisconsin, the topic of child support often raises questions. For example, parents who do not work traditional jobs or who have unpredictable income may worry about meeting their obligations.

One question is whether it is possible to pay child support once a year instead of the standard monthly payments.

Court-ordered payments

Children make up about 21.1% of the population in West Bend, and the laws in Wisconsin typically require monthly payments. The purpose of child support is to ensure that the child’s needs are met consistently and on a regular basis. Monthly payments help achieve this goal. They provide a steady stream of financial support for the child’s upbringing.

Agreements between the parents

In certain circumstances, parents in Wisconsin may agree between themselves on annual child support payments, with the approval of the court. This alternative arrangement deviates from the standard monthly payments. It requires careful consideration and adherence to legal procedures.

A parent may agree to receive annual payments for multiple reasons, including being good with financial planning. For example, parents must ensure that they can adequately budget and allocate funds to cover the child’s expenses throughout the year. Other reasons to agree to annual payments include the additional money the parent could earn in interest and the other parent’s job uncertainty making annual payments a more predictable option.

The court will assess the proposed arrangement to ensure that it is in the best interests of the child. It takes into account factors such as the parents’ financial stability, the child’s needs and the reliability of the proposed payment schedule.


Even so, unforeseen events such as job loss, medical emergencies or changes in the child’s needs may necessitate adjustments to an annual payment schedule. In such cases, parents can seek court approval for modifications to the child support arrangement.

A key component of implementing annual child support payments is mutual agreement between the parents. Both parties must willingly agree to this arrangement and show a commitment to fulfilling their financial obligations toward their child.



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