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Getting behind the wheel? Steer clear of DWI with these tips

Who doesn't enjoy getting together with friends for a little football, food and fun over the weekend? After a long, hard week at work, you may be just like many other Wisconsin residents who start looking forward to the next Packers' game as soon as your feet hit the floor on Monday morning. If you're part of the tailgating scene, you may even shop for ingredients ahead of time to make the snacks and drinks you'll be serving at the next game. 

Using 401K funds for child or spousal support

Are you one of the man people in Wisconsin who is getting divorced and faces the prospect of paying either child support or spousal support or both? If so, you are not alone and you no doubt feel some level of angst about how in the world you are going to be able to afford these court-mandated payments especially knowing that your everyday cost of living will be higher as a single person than it was when you were part of a married household.

Will my business be affected by my divorce?

When a party to a divorce is the major owner of a closely-held business or sole proprietorship, the assets, expenses and overall valuation of the business will likely become the subject of discovery and disclosure. There are steps that can be taken to mitigate some of the effects of its inclusion in the divorce discovery procedure but without careful planning and preparation, your business could be adversely affected. 

The affect of domestic violence on child custody

Divorcing parents in Wisconsin not only have to deal with the divorce itself, but will also have to handle matters of child custody. Determining who will be the primary custodian, how the timeshare tables will look, and other issues will be discussed thoroughly in court. This is also where matters of abuse, neglect, and domestic violence will be noted.

How can I co-parent well?

Are you a divorced or separated parent in Wisconsin? If so, you know that even while you can separate yourself in many ways from your former spouse, when it comes to raising your children, you are not able to be fully separated from that person. For your own sake and especially for the sake of your children, finding ways to co-parent positively is extremely important.

Property division: How will we split up everything we own?

If you are contemplating the dissolution of a marriage, you likely have an idea of what you can expect from this process. After all, you have probably watched divorce play out on television or in movies, or you may have family members or friends who have already gone through it.

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