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How can you be supportive to someone who is adopting?

When you find out that someone you care deeply about is looking into adopting a child in Wisconsin, you may be looking for ways to provide encouragement and support. Your proactive efforts to celebrate with them and share in the enthusiasm and excitement of welcoming a new child will no doubt make their experience more memorable. 

What is a Disneyland parent?

If you are a divorced Wisconsin parent, you may be dealing with issues concerning your former spouse and the way (s)he handles your children when they visit him or her on weekends and at other times. Unfortunately, in many post-divorce situations, the parent with primary custody bears the responsibility of raising the children while the other parent need not show many, if any, responsible parenting tendencies when they visit him or her.

How will legal custody impact your parental involvement?

As a parent, you know there is nothing more important to you than protecting your children and preserving the relationship you have with them. Divorce means that everything will change, from where you will live to how much time you get with your kids. It is smart to protect your role as a parent by learning about types of custody and fighting for a fair and sustainable visitation and custody order. 

How can my criminal record impact my ability to get a job?

Whether you have been arrested or convicted of a crime in the past can have a profound effect on your ability to secure employment in Wisconsin. While employers cannot discriminate due to criminal history, the law is pretty broad in what it does allow your employer to do if you have a criminal record.

How do you terminate a domestic partnership in Wisconsin?

If you and your partner wish to terminate your union in Wisconsin, whether it be due to irreconcilable differences, marriage or any other reason, you need to do more than just walk away. Your partnership, like marriage, is a legally binding agreement that ties you and your partner together in much the same way that a marital contract would. Because of this, you need to terminate the union in a legal fashion.

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