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Important co-parenting tips that help kids

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2017 | Family Law |

Wisconsin parents who get divorced and have children still at home can never be truly divorced from each other. Even when no longer married, they must still work together to raise their joint children. This may be a challenge indeed but it is possible and the more positively this can be done, the better for parents and children alike.

Effective co-parenting starts with an attitude that puts the children at the heart of everything. This ideally diffuses a lot of parental emotion right out of the gate because the emphasis is on the children, not the other parent. MindBodyGreen recommends that one way of facilitating this is to consciously make a point of saying nice things about the other parent to the children. This sends kids the message that it is acceptable to love both parents and directly supports kids’ abilities to have strong relationships with both parents.

During the course of the child-rearing years, there will be many times when parents must consult one another on important matters. As explained by Psychology Today, maintaining open lines of communication on a regular basis may help to facilitate these sometimes tougher conversations. Not all conversation, however, needs to be done in person or even via phone. Many parents find the use of email or text messages helpful as it allows them the ability to avoid direct interactions which may be good at times as well.

Especially for younger kids, adhering to agreed-upon schedules can be important and a way of respecting the other parent as well as the children. That said, there may be times when unexpected situations arise and being flexible can also be a way of faciliting positive co-parenting.






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