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Tips on discussing divorce with kids

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2017 | Family Law |

West Bend families contending with divorce may have concerns about discussing the topic with their children. Kids are bound to take the separation of their parents very seriously, which only underscores how important it is to broach the subject in a rational and appropriate manner.

According to Parents, having a plan in place before having a discussion can be a great idea. This will allow parents to narrow down the important points that their children need to hear, whihc can include language related to how much both parents love their kids, and the fact that just because they’re separating does not mean that they loved them any less. Parents should also stress that their marital issues have nothing to do with the actions or behavior of the children in question.

When at all possible, both parents should be present when breaking the news to kids. Doing so can help ease the emotional impact, which is important for maintaining good mental health going forward. If one parent harbors ill-will towards the other for the decision, these feelings should be restrained during conversations with kids and addressed at a later date when appropriate. also offers some tips to parents for talking about divorce with their kids. Most importantly, parents should refrain from providing too many details about their divorce, including the reasons why it’s occurring. Instead they should focus on providing information in a clear and concise manner, while also allowing their kids to ask questions. This is particularly important when it comes to younger kids, who may lack the mental capacity necessary to handle some of the messier details.



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