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How apps can help you co-parent

On Behalf of | May 25, 2017 | Family Law |

Are you a recently divorced parent in Wisconsin? Whether you have one child or mutliple children, you are no doubt learning that parenting with a former spouse is an art unto itself. While you are no longer married and do not have to deal with the stresses of interfacing with your ex on a moment-by-moment basis, you can never fully divorce yourself from them so long as you need to raise your children together. 

The Online Mom suggests that if you are struggling to find ways to work cooperatively with your former partner, you might try looking at technology to help you. There are a multitude of apps and online sites that are designed specifically to facilitate positive co-parenting before former spouses. Because communication is a common challenge for many parents, most tools offer some type of mechanism for exchanging messages. You can also store messages to avoid any chances of forgetting who said or agreed to what.

Finances are also a common problem area for former spouses. Tools are available that allow you to jointly track all expenses including child support, medical and dental costs, tuition, fees for extracurricular activities and more. You might even be able to transfer money via some of the apps. Calendar functions help parents to keep each other informed about important events for their kids. 

If you would like to learn more about apps and other tools to help you work with a former spouse to parent your children after getting divorced, please feel free to visit the co-parenting page of our Wisconsin family law website. 



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