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What are the legal risks of adoption?

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2018 | Family Law |

Wisconsin parents like you have spent a long time searching for a child to become part of your family. However, there are certain risk factors that can impact whether or not your adoption is a successful one.

According to the National Adoption Center, there are legal risks involved in certain adoptions. A legal risk usually involves any scenario in which the birthparent or parents of a child up for adoption could potentially come back and reclaim the child. In these situations, the birthparents have not yet given up legal custody of the child and could be approved for parenting if they chose to pursue it.

Generally speaking, newborn children are considered a very high risk adoption. This is because there’s a period of time in which a birthparent is legally able to change their mind about giving up their child and may reclaim them. Other high risk situations involve parents who have not yet given up the parenting rights and don’t have any plan on doing so.

Lower risk adoptions will involve birthparents that don’t have plans on keeping parental rights even if their rights have not yet been terminated. Though there is still the possibility that they could change their mind, it’s generally a smaller risk to take.

These risk factors can have a substantial influence on whether or not you decide to go for an adoption. If you’re already involved in a high-risk adoption or are considering becoming involved in one, it may help to have an experienced attorney on hand who can aid you if you get into a tricky legal situation.



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