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Why should you establish paternity?

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2018 | Family Law |

There are many valid reasons for you to want to establish paternity as a father living in Wisconsin. Fortunately, you still have time to do so, even if you’re in the process of divorcing your partner. Mayer Law Office, LLC, will help you learn the necessary information to help you make well-informed decisions regarding paternity establishment.

First of all, you are not legally considered to be part of your child’s life unless your paternity has been established. Not only will this affect your ability to parent your child, but it will also affect your visitation rights and how much of a say you get in how your child is raised. For example, you would not be able to make medical decisions or choices about religious practices and schooling. Visitation is also a key component. If you have not established paternity, primary custody will likely go to your child’s mother instead.

Establishing paternity can also help out your ex-partner. In order to pay child support, you need to have established paternity. This is an invaluable tool for families going through a post-divorce period of financial stress. Parents have to readjust to being the sole source of income in their household. This can have an impact on the child’s quality of life, which is why child support payments are often necessary.

If you would like to look into paternity laws in Wisconsin, you can visit the link here and view our web page on family law and establishing paternity. Whether you’re aiming to have more legal sway in your child’s life or want to help out with family finances, the information here may be beneficial to you.



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