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Wisconsin’s collateral consequences for criminal convictions

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2018 | Criminal Defense |

Anytime you receive a conviction for a criminal offense in Wisconsin, you face penalties, and while some possible penalties, such as jail time, fines or community service, may come directly from the court system, others are more civil in nature. Known as “collateral consequences,” these potential other repercussions you may face after a criminal conviction can still have a considerable impact on your life. At Mayer Law Office, LLC, we are well-versed in the collateral consequences that exist in Wisconsin, and we have helped many people facing criminal charges work to lessen their impact.

According to the Wisconsin Legislative Council, you may face collateral consequences after receiving a conviction for a particular crime, or receiving a conviction for something that falls within a certain class of criminal activity. For example, one collateral consequence you will face, if convicted of any type of felony, is an ability to vote in any election until you either complete your sentence or receive a pardon.

You will also lose your ability to own or possess firearms in the wake of a felony conviction, and you will also lose your right to have a gun if a judge or jury finds you not guilty of a felony because you have a mental illness or defect. Your career may, depending on circumstances, also be at stake following a conviction, as some professions require licensure or certifications you may lose after committing specific types of criminal acts.

If you are currently receiving certain types of public assistance, some criminal convictions can also place your eligibility for said benefits in jeopardy. You can find out more about criminal law by visiting our webpage.



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