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Using an ignition interlock device

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2018 | Criminal Defense |

People who are arrested for and charged with a suspected operating while intoxicated offense in Wisconsin will want to educate themselves about the potential penalties associated with this type of charge. Every state has its own set of consequences so a person cannot assume that what happened to their friend or relative in another state might happen to them. In Wisconsin, some drivers who are convicted of OWI offenses must use ignition interlock devices for a while.

An IID is intended to prevent a person from driving a vehicle after they have been drinking. The goal of the IID program is to prevent repeat OWIs. As explained by the Wisconsin State Legislature, not every person convicted of a drunk driving offense must use an ignition interlock device, however. The people who might be ordered to install and use an IID in Wisconsin include anyone who has a prior OWI offense on their record or who had a blood alcohol content over 0.14 percent at the time of their arrest. A person who refuses to take a test to measure their BAC may also be required to use an IID.

A person who owns multiple vehicles and is ordered to install an ignition interlock device may have to do so on all of the vehicles in their name. Some exceptions may apply if it can be demonstrated that installing multiple IIDs may provide a financial hardship for the driver.

Intoxalock, an IID supplier, warns drivers that some personal hygiene items such as mouthwashes might be best avoided prior to using an IID as they contain trace amounts of alcohol.





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