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Are you driving while distracted?

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2019 | Criminal Defense |

As a resident of Wisconsin, you may not be aware of exactly how many different driving behaviors or habits could actually be considered dangerous forms of distracted driving. Because of this, you could end up getting into a bad situation without even realizing it.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention take a look at different distracted driving behaviors and how dangerous they could be to a driver, as well as other people on the road. Some distracted driving behaviors are known as being obviously dangerous. This includes texting while driving, turning around to hold a conversation with passengers in the back seat, or reaching down to the floor to pick up something you dropped.

However, other distracted driving behaviors are actually quite common. Many people engage in them without ever realizing they could be dangerous. Examples of such actions can include changing your music or the temperature in your car, talking to passengers even without looking at them, or checking GPS for directions to confirm where you are going. Anything that can take your mind off of the road, your hands away from the wheel, or your eyes off of the cars around you could be considered distracted driving.

Unfortunately for you, these behaviors can lead to crashes regardless of how common they may be. You may be setting yourself up for involvement in a crash without even realizing you are engaging in dangerous behaviors. Thusly, if you have been involved in a crash due to distracted driving, you may benefit from the aid of an attorney.



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