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Learning to compromise during joint custody

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2019 | Family Law |

Wisconsin parents who decide to share custody of their children will have unique hurdles to deal with. Compromise and learning how to work around each other as well as together will become a crucial part of making sure the arrangement works out.

FindLaw starts by defining joint custody as a situation in which parents share equal responsibility for a child and have an equal say in how the child will be raised. This pertains to all large life-shaping decisions such as where a child will go to school, what their medical treatment options will be, and what religion they will grow up with.

Of course, when dealing with such hot-button topics, it can be easy to disagree. Thrive Global suggests co-parenting counseling as a potential option for parents who find themselves disagreeing more often than not. Having a third party involved with a neutral perspective can help both parents work out their respective issues and see the situation from a new angle.

Some areas are going to be harder to reach compromises on than others. For example, many parents get heated about religion, especially if both co-parents have different religions that they follow. Trying to decide how to incorporate one or both religions into the child’s life can be a difficult and stressful process. These arguments take more time and energy, so it might be something a parent would want to invest more in. This tactic of “picking one’s battles” can be a great way to cut down on superfluous squabbles, which in turn will make everything run more smoothly.



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