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Do you need to prepare for a high-conflict divorce?

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The reasons behind your decision to end your marriage may vary. You may have felt this outcome coming for some time, or you may have made a split-second decision when your spouse finally pushed you too far. If he or she has a high-conflict personality, the latter cause is not necessarily unlikely.

You may have been putting up with your spouse’s bullying and unnecessarily contentious behavior for years before you decided to end the unhealthy relationship. Though you may feel some relief in knowing you will no longer have to live under the same roof, you may also know that you have a long road ahead of you when it comes to your divorce case.

High-conflict divorce

Because of your spouse’s high-conflict personality, you will likely go through a high-conflict divorce. Even if you believe you have not done anything to purposely provoke your soon-to-be ex, he or she may still fight you at every turn and create conflict whenever possible. As a result, your case may hit numerous bumps in the road from the start.

Though conflict is likely, you can still help yourself throughout your case. Some actions you may want to consider include these:

  • Remain as stoic as possible in front of your ex. He or she likely enjoys getting a rise out of you and seeing you hurt, and by keeping your feelings to yourself, you may prevent your spouse from receiving any satisfaction from those hurtful actions.
  • Remember that what you say and do could come back to haunt you. Another reason to remain stoic is that any emotional outbursts from you could become evidence for your ex to use against you in court if he or she is attempting to reach a particular outcome.
  • Do not sit back and wait for what will come. Though keeping up a neutral facade may help you in some ways, you do not want to sit back and allow your ex to steer the divorce in a way that results in a negative settlement for you.

You, like many other Wisconsin residents, may have mixed emotions about your divorce. You will certainly feel overwhelmed and stressed at times, but your efforts to make a better life for yourself will likely be well worth it in the end. Preparing for your high-conflict divorce may start with gaining information on your legal options.



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