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Oshkosh shooting results in arrest of 3 men

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2019 | Criminal Defense |

Very few in West Bend likely believe that they will ever be involved in criminal activity. Yet for outlandish as it may seem, oftentimes criminal activity can find individuals. People may find themselves in situations where they encounter others who may indeed be engaged in criminal actions, and their mere associations with such individuals are often met with criminal charges. They may have never intended to harm others, yet their “guilt by association” may leave them facing criminal scrutiny. 

Such scrutiny awaits two men due to their link to a shooting in Oshkosh. Authorities responded to a call of shots being fired at a home and arrived to find that a man had been shot multiple times. Witnesses say that a group of men fled in a vehicle immediately following the shooting. That vehicle was later found, leading to the arrest of three men. Only one, however, was charged with attempted murder (his relationship with the shooting victim was not reported). The other men were charged with actions related to the crime, such as possessing a firearm and obstructing an investigation. 

Some may wonder how it is that a single arrest can result in several people facing multiple charges each. Some might say that it is due to how offenses are inter-related, yet there may also be cases where authorities will charge as much as they can hoping that at least one offense will stick. One should only be charged with crimes supported by evidence, and when that evidence is simply an association with another defendant, guilt should not automatically be assigned. Those hoping to make such an argument may want to enlist the services of an experienced defense attorney. 



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