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Coparenting and back-to-school planning

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2019 | Family Law |

Wisconsin parents of school-aged children know that when the calendar flips to the month of August, going back to school is right around the corner. From backpacks to activity signups to packed lunches and more, the school year brings a unique set of demands and type of structure to a family’s life. When children must live in two home due to their parents being divorced or separated, they need their parents to be able to work effectively together to make the transition back to school a smooth one and help the year run well.

Parents magazine suggests that moms and dads should collaborate on who will buy what supplies for their kids. For more major purchases like backpacks or jackets, it may be best to have just one of these items. For smaller things like markers and basic supplies, each parent might want to have a set at their own homes in addition to what is sent to school with their kids. This minimizes what must be remembered when moving between homes.

Coparently recommends that divorced or separated parents talk with teachers together to let them know about their family situation and find ways to streamline communication so everyone is aware of important information. Some people find that creating a unique email address for use solely for schools can be helpful. Both parents can have access to the email and then the school or teacher only has to send a message to one address and can trust that both parents receive it.

Regular check-ins between coparents about schedules can also be helpful as there may be special events that both should attend.




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