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Do you have concerns about co-parenting with your ex?

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Parenting is difficult even under the best of circumstances. No one can predict what the future will hold, and trying to stay on top of all of life’s unexpected events while also raising children tests any parent. Now, you may feel as if your situation has become even more difficult because of your recent divorce.

You likely dreaded the child custody aspect of ending your marriage because you did not want to fight over your kids and did not want them to feel in the middle of any conflict. In the end, your custody order involved joint custody, and you are now trying to co-parent with your ex. Unfortunately, it is not going well.

Co-parenting difficulties

Though many child advocates believe that co-parenting is the best for the children, it can sometimes be trying on the parents. If you and your ex did not get along before the divorce, having to continually remain in contact for the sake of the kids likely does not seem ideal. In fact, some parents may choose to continue picking fights even after the marriage has come to an end.

What are common conflicts?

Each former couple may have their own residual baggage to handle from the relationship, but some conflicts are common among parents who try to co-parent, including:

  • Fighting over child support
  • Arguing over parenting time
  • Disagreeing about discipline or parenting styles
  • Feeling controlled by your ex
  • Feeling disrespected by your ex
  • Your ex trying to put the kids in the middle or turn them against you
  • Your ex bullying you

Though these issues may seem serious and can certainly turn into substantial problems if left unresolved, you may be able to find resolutions to these issues. In some cases, you may simply have to relinquish your own control and allow the other parent to spend time with the children as he or she sees fit. Of course, if your ex subjects your kids to harmful actions, you may need to take action to ensure the safety of your children.

Enforcing your parental rights

It can be difficult to know what actions are best for your kids, but if your ex continually disregards the child custody agreement or harms your children, it may be the right step to seek a modification of your custody order. Discussing your concerns and your options with a Wisconsin attorney may help you determine how to move forward effectively.



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