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Some factors make divorce more likely

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2019 | Family Law |

There many reasons why a married couple in Wisconsin would want to split up. From clear, obvious problems like abuse or infidelity to more nebulous feelings of growing apart, these can all be good reasons to divorce. When couples are unable to resolve their differences, even after trying counseling and other means of reconciliation, the end of a marriage can come as a relief. Still, because divorce is a major financial and emotional milestone, it is worth making sure that it is the path that people want to take.

There are several factors that may indicate that a couple is more likely to divorce. Some analysts have said that contempt is one of the biggest issues pointing to the end of a romantic relationship. If one partner mocks the other, talks about the other dismissively or calls them names, the relationship may have a short lifespan remaining. In addition, a lack of respect is a major indicator of divorce. When one partner makes major decisions without consulting the other, they may be thinking as a single person.

Even in marriages without open conflict, growing separation can point to trouble. For example, couples who rarely eat together, no longer engage in fun activities or abandon shared hobbies may find themselves growing apart and rarely speaking to each other outside the most routine of contexts. Others may find themselves staying late at work and trying to avoid time with a spouse.

There can be several financial and practical issues that accompany the end of a marriage. A family law attorney may help a spouse to pursue a settlement on a range of legal matters, including property division and child custody.



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