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Making parenting easier from long distances

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2019 | Family Law |

It isn’t uncommon for a parent to live or work in one city or state while their children live in another. However, parents who reside in Wisconsin or any other state may be able to take steps to stay in their children’s lives regardless of the distance between them. For instance, parents can schedule regular phone calls or video chats to stay in touch with their kids. It is also a good idea to call or text at random intervals to help a child feel loved and appreciated.

A parent may also be able to use email or other digital methods of communication to keep tabs on their children. Sending text messages or emails can be an effective way for both parties to stay connected even when they don’t have time to talk at length. When appropriate, it can be a good idea to send pictures and videos in addition to plain text messages.

Ideally, a parent will ask a child how to stay in touch. If a child prefers speaking over the phone as opposed to getting a text message, parents can make an effort to talk on the phone. Children should also have some input as to when and where visitation will occur. This could mean that the parent travels to where the child is instead of the child coming to see the parent.

Parents are generally entitled to stay in contact with their children even if they aren’t granted custody rights. Allowing this to occur is typically in the child’s best interest. Therefore, a mother or father is typically allowed to call, write or visit their kids on a regular basis. If a noncustodial parent is facing resistance from a custodial parent, it may be best to resolve the dispute with the help of an attorney.



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