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Some post-divorce issues impact women more than men

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2019 | Family Law |

Many Wisconsin couples begin marriage with the concept that it’s a 50-50 proposition. Most soon learn the give and take and perhaps seeming inequity in living together. Those who decide they would be better off apart and seek a divorce look to the laws of the state and the family court system for a level playing field to divide the marital property equally and begin their new lives fairly. Although the courts do what they can, women often face greater financial challenges post-divorce than men do.

There are some compelling reasons why, even though courts and the law strive for equality, women are impacted by divorce differently than men. Wealth and financial studies have revealed that women, on average, earn 81% of what men do for similar work and are awarded primary care of children in a divorce almost 90% of the time. These two factors are fundamental in understanding why women face post-divorce struggles when it comes to money, children and housing. These issues are inexorably intertwined, and proper care is impossible without adequate resources.

While most married women with children work, they are also the primary care givers during marriage. After divorce, the typical scenario places the woman in a more demanding role in providing care for the children while needing to make significantly more money. In contrast, the man has a lesser role with the children and can devote more time and energy to his career. The myth that the wife always gets the family home in a divorce is belied by the inability of many women to afford the carrying costs.

Divorce involves complicated issues. A family law attorney may offer guidance and counsel on all family law legal matters.



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