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When your soon-to-be ex accuses you of abuse

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Couples fight. That isn’t news. The problem comes when one partner accuses the other of abuse. Sadly, this is something that often tried by some Wisconsin residents who want to get more out of their divorce settlements.

If your spouse is accusing you of domestic abuse, it can take a lot to clear your name. More than likely, your spouse will get a restraining order, which, once on your record, can affect you personally and professionally.

Types of domestic violence

When you think of domestic abuse, you most likely think of the physical aspect of it. Not all domestic violence is physical abuse, though. There are many different types of abuse, including emotional, economic and psychological. All are damaging.

Domestic violence not treated lightly

The state of Wisconsin does not treat accusations of domestic violence lightly. Police investigate all domestic violence claims. If there is evidence to back up your spouse’s claims, you may be under arrest. If a judge grants a restraining order, you could:

  • Lose access to your house
  • Lose access to your kids
  • Have any guns or other weapons confiscated

If convicted on a domestic violence charge, it could affect your ability to work, limiting your ability to care for yourself and your family.

Fighting domestic violence allegations

If you believe your soon-to-be ex has filed claims of domestic violence against you as a way to hurt you during the divorce process, you do not have to sit by and let the courts run with it. You can and should defend yourself. Thankfully, that is not something you have to do alone.

If a court grants your spouse’s request for a restraining order, the sooner you seek to have the order vacated, dismissed or modified, the better off you’ll be. Not only will this help you with any criminal charges you are facing as a result of the claims made against you, but it could also help you if you want custody of your children or at least unsupervised visitation.

You are not alone

With the right help, you may be able to produce evidence that works in your favor. If it is possible to debunk your spouse’s domestic abuse claims, it is he or she who will have to face the consequences, not you. Penalties associated with filing false domestic violence claims may include criminal charges, fines and denial of custody demands — among others.



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