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How to successfully co-parent after a divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2020 | Family Law |

Whether a Wisconsin couple spent 20 years together or just one, going through a divorce can be difficult. A divorcing parent should take time to process their pain and talk with their children about their feelings regarding the situation. There are a few co-parenting strategies that can help exes navigate the new world of parenting after a divorce.

Children are the ones who suffer when parents constantly argue about visitation schedules. After the divorce process, most co-parents will likely be following a court-ordered custody calendar. Parents should make an effort to follow this schedule and be open and flexible when possible. Children will benefit if a parent can be flexible every once in a while, especially if the request to change the schedule has something to do with making the children happy, like going to watch a soccer match or engaging in some other type of recreation.

Successful co-parents have found that communicating directly as adults is more beneficial than using the children as messengers. Not only could the kids relay messages incorrectly, but this can harm the child’s well-being if the parent reacts harshly or angrily. Co-parents should work on their communication skills and even use email or text messages, which will provide documentation and help to improve peaceful communication.

Messy divorces can cause a person to recall a lot of negative feelings about their ex-spouse. While it may difficult, focusing on the other person’s strengths and good qualities will be more beneficial to the children. An ex who has serious concerns about a court-ordered parenting schedule may want to discuss their situation with a family law attorney. Legal counsel answer questions about child support custody modification.



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