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Consider the following when deciding on a divorce trial

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2020 | Family Law |

Wisconsin couples who are in the process of a divorce often have to make the decision to settle their case or take it all the way to a trial. While many people are dealing with emotions and do not want to back down, they must also be aware of the costs, both in terms of finances and stress, of proceeding all the way to a trial.

There are times when a trial is a necessity. One spouse may be taking unreasonable positions and refusing to compromise with the other in the slightest. In these occasions, the costs of a divorce trial are a necessity that must be borne. However, a trial will result in contention and bitterness that may last long after the trial is completed.

There are definite benefits to settling a divorce action without have to go into court. Anything that avoids the heat of litigation is generally a preferable outcome. Sometimes, even giving up on one or two things is worth it because that is what compromise is all about. People should at least be open to the idea of a settlement considering the ramifications of the alternative. However, they should still make sure to stand up for their rights and get what they feel is a fair deal.

A family law attorney may be able to advise as to what a fair settlement is and whether it is worth it to proceed to a trial. The attorney may lay out the benefits and the costs of a trial in such a manner that clients should be able to decide whether a divorce trial is worth it. Attorneys might assist their clients with settlement negotiations that can help them resolve the matter amicably without the need for a contentious trial.



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