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Read this before seeking child custody modification in Wisconsin

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Every Wisconsin parent is unique regarding the style in which he or she nurtures and disciplines his or her children. Do you consider yourself lenient when it comes to rules or permission you give to your kids? On the other hand, perhaps you focus on structure and routine more than your co-parent does. Since getting divorced, have you encountered challenges in your co-parenting plan?

It’s not uncommon for parents to disagree about child-related issues. Children fare best in divorce if parents at least try to work as a team. Concerning a child custody court order, it not only helps your children avoid stress but also helps you avoid legal problems if you and your ex fully adhere to its terms. However, what if you need to modify the court order?

The court will want to know why

Even if your ex agrees to modify the terms of your existing co-parenting agreement, you can’t implement any changes without the court’s permission. You also can’t expect the court to grant permission without asking for further explanation as to why you’re making the request.

Showing evidence of need is a key factor in seeking child custody modification in a Wisconsin family court. Issues such as having to relocate for employment or the belief that your children are at risk at your co-parent’s home are examples of just causes for requesting a change in a court order.

The court’s top priority

A Wisconsin family court judge may use his or her discretion in reviewing your petition for modification and making a decision according to the unique details of your case. The court’s main priority, however, is always to rule in the best interests of your children.

Therefore, the court must be convinced that whatever need you state as the basis of a request for modification of a child custody order does not, in any way, place your children’s best interests at risk.

If your ex is disregarding the existing agreement

You may be one of many Wisconsin parents who are seeking the court’s intervention because your ex refuses to adhere to the terms of the existing court order. Maybe you keep showing up at the proper place and on time for custody exchanges only to be kept waiting for hours. Perhaps, your kids are frequently disappointed when your co-parent is a no-show on scheduled visit days.

Such problems can greatly disrupt your efforts to maintain structure and routine in your children’s daily lives. Going toe-to-toe in court with your ex over child custody issues can be highly stressful, which is why it pays to be well-informed about your rights and as prepared as possible regarding any documents or evidence that may help you accomplish your goals in court.



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