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The 6-month waiting period to get remarried could change

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2020 | Family Law |

Living in Wisconsin, you may know about the requirements to get a divorce, like separation periods or the paperwork you need to file. Did you know that there is a waiting period to get remarried, though?

The state has long had the requirement that divorcees wait at least six months prior to tying the knot, a waiting period with which some people disagree. A bill to eliminate the waiting period went through the State Assembly and passed in February.

In the past, people were held to the strict standard of waiting to remarry. Some people found that a violation of their rights, believing that they should be able to remarry at any time. Timelines imposed by the state don’t always make sense, and one of the representatives who presented the bill stated that it was government overreach.

Others believe that preserving marriage is important. They believe that the waiting period helps protect children. Some groups, like Wisconsin Family Action, want to see counseling sessions and longer waiting periods, especially for those with children.

The bill has to pass the state Senate before it can change the current laws. For now, it’s important to stay up-to-date on changes, because the waiting period that you may have presently could be eliminated in the future. Six months can be a long time to wait to remarry, especially after a long separation. Your attorney can talk to you about the things you should do in the meantime if you are getting remarried and want to know more about the waiting period and how it affects you.



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