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Can I modify my child support or alimony?

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After all the work that goes into finalizing a divorce, changing the divorce agreement can seem impossible. The conditions of a divorce that you agreed to were based on your life factors when you made the agreement. Life can change suddenly and in significant ways. When these changes happen, shouldn’t your divorce agreement?

Single parents have rights when it comes to child support and alimony. Parents can protect these rights when life changes, but what kind of changes can permit a modification?

Job changes

If either spouse gets a substantial improvement or decline in their income, it can call for a reevaluation of what one spouse pays the other for child support or alimony. These figures are based on the differences in income between each spouse. If one income drops to zero, or doubles, the payments should accurately reflect the change.


When an ex-spouse remarries, it often increases the overall income of the household. If that spouse was receiving alimony or child support, their marriage may no longer entitle them to the whole amount or benefit. A family law attorney can help recommend what changes to make to the divorce agreement.

Medical hardship

If a spouse becomes seriously injured or ill, it can impact their ability to earn income. Permanent disability can also have a significant impact on divorce income. Between the loss of some or all income, and increased medical expenses, an ex-spouse may not survive with the current divorce agreement in place.

Get the answers you need

Everyone has a unique set of circumstances in their life. When life changes things, make sure you are adapting to the change in every way possible. You can change your divorce agreement if your unique situation calls for it. Speak with a lawyer today and see what you can do to protect yourself.



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