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Telling your spouse you want a divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2020 | Family Law |

There is irony is the fact that a lack of communication is one of the leading factors in the breakdown of a marriage. Yet, when one spouse is consumed by the feeling that divorce is the only way moving forward, the thought needs to be communicated delicately and respectfully as possible to the other spouse. Divorce is a hard life decision for any married individual in Wisconsin to make, but the way a partner is told can be even more emotionally fraught.

Having a conversation face to face may be the best way for some people to break the news to their partners, but that doesn’t always work for everyone. It could be that someone can best articulate feelings through the written word, so perhaps an honest, personal letter might be the best option. Simply having divorce papers served on a spouse by an outside party can be hurtful, unless of course there is the fear of any repercussions after having asked for a divorce.

Divorce will likely be emotional for both spouses, so it’s likely than an emotional response may come from a spouse who is just told his or her partner wants a divorce. There could be shock, anger, sadness or fear. The one who has decided on divorce has no control over how the other will act once he or she hears the news.

Before deciding to break the news to a spouse, it may be best to have some idea of the divorce process. It may also be helpful to discuss divorce options with a knowledgeable lawyer and how Wisconsin laws affect individual cases. Legal advice may help a client to decide definitely if ending the marriage is what he or she truly wants to do.



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