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Divorce filings rise at the beginning of the year

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2021 | Divorce |

Wisconsin couples who have made the decision to end their marriage at the beginning of the year are not alone. In fact, divorce filings rise in January of each year, resulting in lawyers calling it “divorce month.”

What is it about the new year?

There are many reasons why people wait for the new year to file for divorce. These include:

  • Parents who wanted to avoid ruining the holidays for their children
  • People looking for a new beginning, including leaving struggling relationships behind
  • Spouses who were disappointed with the expectations they set up for the holiday season
  • Couples who, for legal or tax reasons, have chosen to wait until the next year to file

For some couples, the holidays represent one more time to try to fix a struggling marriage. But the holidays can be a difficult time with the emotions and stress they often involve, which might become overwhelming. This could lead the couple to decide to permanently end their marriage.

How can waiting until the new year affect legal and tax matters?

Some couples chose to wait until the new year to file for divorce so that they can still file jointly for taxes for the previous year. This allows them to use certain tax breaks that might not be available to them otherwise. Others might file in the new year due to legislation that they are trying to avoid or take advantage of.

The divorce process can be complex, and emotions can complicate it even more. Individuals who are considering going forward with a divorce process should learn as much as possible about it so that they can be well-informed before making their decision. During this preparation process, they might seek counseling as well as the guidance of a lawyer.



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