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Wisconsin restraining orders

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In Wisconsin, a restraining order is a document issued by a court to protect you as a petitioner from a person who poses a risk to your safety. Restraining orders come with a set of restrictions for the respondent who must stop the harassment, have no contact with you and maintain a court-ordered distance. If the respondent resides with you, relocation will be part of the order.

The state has four types of restraining orders. The consequences for violating each type are determined by who files and the threat attached to the petition.

Domestic abuse

Domestic abuse occurs between family members, caregivers and their patients, spouses or couples, and adults and children. Some of these behaviors include:
• Inflicting injury or physical pain
• Impairing a person’s physical condition
• Sexual assault
• Stalking
• Damaging the petitioner’s property
• Threatening to perform harassing actions


Harassment covers a broader range of actions compared to domestic abuse. For one thing, the parties involved may not have a familial connection. Harassment includes:
• Stalking
• Striking
• Kicking
• Child abuse
• Shoving
• Sexual assault
• Threats and intimidation

Child abuse

These types of restraining orders specifically target threats to minors. The behavior here includes but isn’t limited to:
• Causing a physical injury
• Trafficking a minor
• Sexual exploitation or assault
• Manufacturing drugs in a child’s presence
• Inflicting emotional damage through neglect

Individual at risk

Individual risk entails substantially impairing the mental or physical condition of an adult. This kind of restraining order addresses:
• Sexual abuse
• Neglect
• Emotional abuse
• Physical abuse
• Harassment
• Treatment without consent
• Unwarranted restraint or confinement
• Interference with protective services

Restraining orders have time limits that are imposed based on individual circumstances, but the court can renew them. In Wisconsin, injunctions last up to 24 months for child abuse and four years for harassment, domestic abuse and individuals at risk.



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