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How can you and your co-parent agree on finances?

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It can be challenging to set aside your feelings to work with your former spouse to raise your kids following a divorce. If you could not agree on finances while together, you may have more difficulty with finances later.

According to CNBC, relying on the divorce decree can help struggling co-parents.

Follow the court’s judgment

Your divorce decree details your responsibilities as a parent. The decree breaks down your cost responsibilities and your spouse’s responsibilities. If you cannot be flexible with your ex, you should depend heavily on the court’s judgment for how to determine payment.

If you predict problems in the future, make sure you detail everything. There may always be financial matters that you do not expect. Try to be fair about what the two of you pay for. For example, if you feel passionate about your child playing sports but your ex does not, you may want to take over those costs and have him or her cover expenses he or she cares about.

Discuss financial matters

While you may find it challenging to have conversations with your former spouse, you need to communicate about finances. If talking in person becomes too difficult, you can speak over e-mail or text message. Keep all of your conversations centered on money rather than your personal feelings towards one another. You may want to talk once a month about finances. Discuss your budget or future expenses for your children.

For some parents, it may feel easier to do most of your financial work through apps and other software. You can use mobile apps to upload receipts and deposit money into your account.



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