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What should you do if you cannot afford child support?

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2021 | Divorce, Family Law |

At the beginning of your divorce, you had no problem keeping up with child support payments. A recent shift in your finances, perhaps a job loss or increased financial obligations, made it hard to maintain your responsibilities. What should you do?

National Family Solutions offers suggestions for managing child support payments. Learn how to provide for your child while taking care of your financial needs.

Contact the Child Support Enforcement Agency

Wisconsin’s Child Support Enforcement Agency is a federally mandated organization that helps parents change child support orders. You must explain your situation and the reasons you cannot keep up with payments. Depending on your financial circumstances, you could receive a new order for reduced payments. States prefer parents to pay a portion of child support rather than none. Give the agency detailed information, and do not lie on the paperwork.

Let your ex know

Your former spouse may depend on consistent payments to take care of your shared child. Explain your financial situation and why you cannot make payments. If you two agree to reduce your payments or skip a few payments, get your new arrangement in writing to make it binding. You must also secure a judge’s consent before changing the order.

Change your budget

Your current spending habits could prevent you from keeping up with child support. Review your expenses and budget to see where to make changes. Perhaps eating out less, cutting the cord and getting rid of monthly subscription boxes you no longer use could help.

You need not suffer in silence if you cannot keep up with child support. The right changes may make life better for you and your shared child.



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