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Avoid a DWI during a night out with friends

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A fun night of barhopping with your friends can turn dangerous. Drunk driving accidents are not the only concern. If you get pulled over, it can alter your life forever. DWI arrests can lead to fines, probation, loss of your driver’s license or even jail time.

With a few considerations, you can have fun with friends and keep your life intact.

Appoint a designated driver

When going out with a group, assign a friend to be the designated driver for the evening. Rotate each time you go out so that everyone will have a turn behind the wheel. If no friends are available, call a ride share service. Typically, a driver can be at your location in a few minutes.

Have a mocktail

If you are the designated driver, you can still have a good time without alcohol. Order a festive, dry drink. You will still have a drink in your hands, so you will not feel excluded. You may even find you do not need to lower your inhibitions to have a good time.

Know the law

A maximum blood alcohol concentration of 0.08 is the legal driving limit in Wisconsin. Some stick to a rule of one drink per hour to stay within these guidelines, but that is not foolproof. If you get pulled over, a police officer may request a sobriety test which could lead to legal trouble.

Driving after a few drinks is never safe. Have a plan for your night out and safeguard your future.



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