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Should you stay off social media during your divorce?

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2022 | Divorce |

If you are like most people, you probably rely heavily on social media to stay up to date with your family and friends and vice versa. While this may be convenient, however, it can also be dangerous if you are in the process of divorce.

How so? FindLaw reports that upwards of two-thirds of the nation’s divorce lawyers admit that Facebook and other social media serve as their primary source of damaging information about their clients’ respective spouses that they subsequently can use in court to enhance their clients’ cases.

Security problems

Regardless of how secure you believe your Facebook and other social media accounts are, unfortunately, they are not. If your spouse or his or her attorney chooses to hire a reasonably sophisticated computer expert, this person can easily hack into your accounts. In addition, when your followers repost information or pictures you uploaded, you have no control over their security settings. Your “secrets” can quickly become public knowledge, all to your possible detriment.

Specific posting no-no’s

Refraining from using social media during your divorce represents your wisest course of action. If you absolutely cannot see your way clear do that, never post information about or photos of any of the following:

  • Major purchases, such as jewelry or a new vehicle, you make
  • Homes or apartments where you may wish to live after your divorce
  • People you date
  • Places you go to socialize. when you go and the person or people you meet
  • Anything, especially photos, of a sexually suggestive nature

All in all, what you do not post cannot come back to haunt you.



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