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Starting over after a gray divorce

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Getting a divorce at any stage of a woman’s life is challenging. When it happens to you at 60 or older, it can seem especially crushing. You may not be as resilient or resourceful as you were at 25 or 35. The thought of beginning again without your partner at this stage of life can be daunting.

There are probably a million questions swirling through your mind. You worry about finances, your home, the collapse of the social life the two of you shared, dealing with the reaction of your adult children and deciding if you have to – or even want to – go back to work.

You may resent the fact that the marriage that was the foundation of your life for so long has crumbled, perhaps due to your spouse’s addiction, lack of interest or adultery. You expected your golden years to be easy and serene, not filled with tough, life-changing decisions.

Landing on your feet

Women do successfully regroup and reset after a “gray divorce.” Here are some suggestions on how to do that, which can be a starting point.

  • A professional can guide you with restructuring your financial affairs.
  • Volunteer doing something you love. It may lead to a paying job.
  • Think about moving to a smaller place. It can symbolize your new life.
  • If you are depressed, don’t hesitate to get help.
  • Connect with the activities and people you care about.

You will eventually be able to acknowledge that you are “in charge” of your destiny, even if you feel buffeted by all kinds of circumstances right now.

One step at a time

Adjusting to such a major change doesn’t happen overnight. Expect good and bad days along the way. Remember that there are professionals who are glad to answer divorce-related questions and help you transition to your new life.



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